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Presentation: Evaluating The Aging European Wind Market: What’s the next step?

  • By 2028 65GW of European onshore turbines are predicted to reach their end of design life. What impact will this have on reaching the EU 2030 climate targets?
  • What are the key regulatory, technical and business challenges operators are facing due to aging assets? 
  • How will the EU Green Deal, coming out in March 2020, impact the wind industry?
  • What impact will the falling power prices caused by COVID-19 have on existing and aging assets?

Roland Flaig, Head of EU North, E.ON


Panel Discussion: ‘Knowledge is Power’: Unlock the economic potential of life extension through regulatory clarity

  • When will an international standard for life-extension be established?
  • With such a high variety of conditions between countries and regions, what will an international standard look like and how will it be enforced?
  • How do you ensure these regulations and knowledge filter down to local permitting authority level?

(Moderator) Roland Flaig, Head of EU North, E.ON

Jack Steven, Senior Operations Manager, Foresight Group

Daniel von Preyss, Head of Private Equity Infrastructure, Impax Asset Management

Andrea Arcangeli, Managing Partner, AcAp Advisory

10:45 am

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Case Study: A French market example: What is the Repowering Opportunity?

  • Your wind asset has value, the site on which it is installed has even more! How can you get the most out of it?
  • Be prepared! How can you maximize project value with an early repowering solution?
  • A Case Study Example from a project in the south of France

Christophe Soulier, Repowering Manager, RES


Case Study: To repower or Not to repower, that is the question

  • Why should you choose to repower?
  • What are the alternatives to a repowering strategy?
  • Kaitiakitanga: a move towards stewardship of wind farms in communities

Richard Koiak, Head of Onshore Development, Scottish Power Renewables


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Case Study: Repowering in practice: A review of two operational repowering projects

  • What are the considerations in the planning, economical and operational aspects of two different operational repowering projects?
  • How does the German EEG 2017 and the auction system affect the repowering project?
  • A closer look at different repowering case studies depending on the energy price

Peter Spengemann, Head of Repowering, wpd


Presentation: Life Extension as a Strategic Leverage

  • What are the main tools you can use for life extension? 
  • Where are the main risks for extending the life of your wind fleet? 
  • Is it possible to extend the life of old turbines if you are not OEM? 

Mercedes Irujo Espinosa de los Monteros, LTE Wind innovation Project Manager, Acciona


Panel Discussion: How do you align OEM’s drivers and operator’s needs, within maintenance contracts, in order to ensure the most efficient running of assets?

  • What is best practice for successful and mutually beneficial maintenance contracts?
  • Uncharted waters: Once your fiscal contract term ends, how do both parties optimize spending on maintenance? 
  • When you can’t agree to disagree: What is best practice when wind farm owners and OEM’s disagree on a repair method or time frame?
  • Multi-brand servicing: How do you leverage OEM contracts on a global portfolio?
  • How do you best manage issues surrounding insolvent OEMs?
  • Considering the impact and uncertainty of the COVID-19 lockdown, how long should the use of force majeure provisions in O&M service contracts be upheld?

Neil Crudgington, Senior Contract Performance Manager, RES

Margaux Delahaie, Renewables Portfolio Manager, Allianz Capital Partners

Julia Rhodes-Journeay, Director, BlackRock Real Assets

Ina Barge, Asset Management & Operations Wind NL, Eneco





Welcome Remarks & Explanation of Features of a Digital Event


Presentation: Where is the investment potential and challenges in expired FIT wind farms? 

  • What does the ‘end of life’ market in Germany look like?
  • What are the key drivers for an investment case in end of life strategies?
  • How do you mitigate risks after EEG-FIT-period?

Niklas Hinz, Investment Manager, Qualitas Equity


Presentation: Marrying Commercial and Technical Targets with Better Data Management

  • How do different types of clients use the same data?
  • What operational challenges do wind farm owners face with these two separate sets of data?
  • Solutions exist in the market to help solve the financial v technical data ‘marriage’?

Geoff Hoffheinz, Chief Engineer, Glennmont Partners


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Presentation: What is the best operational approach to your asset, depending on your investment strategy?

  • What operational decisions suit short term or long term investment?
  • When and why should you choose between maximum energy production or maximum technical asset performance?
  • What is best practice for showcasing final profitability of different investment strategies?

Jordi Francesch,  Head of Asset Management, Glennmont Partners


Panel Discussion: Achieving maximum yield with minimum risk: How can you protect your wind farm when there are sharp falls in electricity prices and wind speed?

  • What strategies exist to protect your assets when operating in the spot market? 
  • Which strategies have generated the most profit for operators?
  • How can you use unexpected levels of curtailment and constraints to your advantage?

(Moderator) Jordi Francesch,  Head of Asset Management, Glennmont Partners

Verdeep Dost, Investment Manager, Hermes Infrastructure

Laurent Segalen, Managing Partner, Megawatt-X

Ingo Ermel, Investment Manager, Encavis

Pablo Hernandez, Asset Manager, Greencoat Capital


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Presentation: Using digital twins to create a condition monitoring system for wind turbines

  • What are the varying definitions of a ‘digital twin’?
  • Where is this technology being used within the wind industry?
  • How does this concept translate to commercial sized wind farms and renewable ecosystems?
  • What could we learn from the aviation industry and their use of digital twins?

Kim Branner, Senior Scientist, DTU Wind


Presentation: Beyond selling MWh: How to increase your revenues by providing grid services

  • How can wind farms be used to provide services to the grid?
  • What does it imply in terms of technologies to be installed?
  • What are the regulatory frameworks and how can you generate new revenues or optimise your asset profitability?

Benoît Kieffer, Chief Digital Officer, OMEXOM


Presentation: Application of Machine Learning Technique To Turbine Performance Monitoring & Improvement Using SCADA Data

  • How can you benefit from SCADA data analysis incorporated with ML techniques?
  • Hear real world examples of performance monitoring & improvement using SCADA data analysis enhanced using ML techniques
  • How can you step further with ML and increase your performance?

Kentaro Indo, General Manager of Operation Analysis and Asset Optimization, Eurus Energy